Keyword research

Understand and capture search intent

Identifying the right keywords to target is critical for SEO success. We'll hone in on the language your audience uses and prioritize keyword selection based on user intent, search volume, and competition.


Target the keywords that matter to your audience

At the core of our SEO strategy lies our comprehensive keyword research services, meticulously crafted to not only enhance your online visibility, but also to channel a steady stream of targeted organic traffic to your website. The selection of the right keywords is pivotal to achieving SEO success. As an AI/ML-powered agency, we employ various cutting-edge tools and techniques to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for your business.

Keyword research can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially for businesses that lack the resources or expertise in this domain. That's where our team of skilled SEO professionals comes in. With years of experience under our belt, we possess an in-depth understanding of search engine algorithms and user behavior, enabling us to conduct thorough keyword research that is tailored specifically to your business.

Our keyword research services go beyond just identifying keywords. We also analyze the competitiveness of each keyword, its relationship to revenue, and its potential conversion rate, ensuring that you not only rank high on search engine result pages but also attract quality leads that have a higher likelihood of converting into customers.

Here's a breakdown of how our keyword services deliver exceptional results:

  • Keyword research. We meticulously consider search volume, competition, and relevance to ensure you're targeting the right queries.
  • Long-tail keywords. Our expertise extends to less competitive and specific long-tail keywords that attract highly qualified, well-converting traffic.
  • Competitor analysis. We analyze your competitors' keyword strategies, uncovering opportunities to surpass them in search rankings.
  • Continuous monitoring. Vigilant, ongoing keyword performance monitoring allows us to adapt swiftly to evolving user behavior and search algorithms.

Our SEO keyword research services ensure that your site is optimized for the keywords that carry the greatest significance to your audience. We prioritize user intent, ensuring that your website content aligns with what your audience is searching for. This results in a higher conversion rate and improved ROI.



We take the time to understand your business, target audience, and goals. Through in-depth research and analysis, we identify key insights that form the foundation of our strategy.


Our team develops a customized strategy. We create a roadmap that outlines the objectives, content plans, and campaign tactics to maximize your success.


We bring the strategy to life, managing the process, curating captivating content, and running targeted campaigns to engage and inspire your audience.


We strive for ongoing growth and success by continually optimizing our strategies based on data-driven insights. Through thorough analysis, we identify areas of improvement.


Our results speak for themselves

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Breakout growth

Achievable's incredible 30x return on investment

PressRoom's SEO strategy helped Achievable increase their organic revenue by 18x, resulting in an incredible 30x ROI over a 3-year-long (and still ongoing) engagement.

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