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Gotham's 225%+ increase in search impressions

PressRoom's SEO audits helped Gotham identify and fix critical technical issues hindering its search rankings, growing its impressions by 225%+ in just three months.





Project Overview

Gotham Medical and Rec Dispensary Delivery is the premier medical and recreational cannabis dispensary in Brooklyn, New York. Despite having a strong brick-and-mortar presence and loyal customers, they were struggling to gain visibility in organic search. PressRoom's technical SEO audits identified a slew of critical on-page issues. We helped Gotham prioritize and implement corresponding fixes, which resulted in tripling their organic search impressions and significantly increasing their keyword coverage in just three months.

Project Execution

Gotham recognized that SEO could be a key channel for growth, and had even hired an SEO agency they met at a trade show. However, after a year of stagnant traffic and burning through over $100k in fees to this agency, they increasingly grew suspicious - and rightfully so. The scam agency continually assured them everything was okay and that SEO takes time - which is seemingly reasonable on the surface - but was a shameless lie in this case.

Gotham sought PressRoom's guidance for a second opinion. PressRoom conducted an extensive technical audit of Gotham's website and immediately identified issues hindering their search rankings. It turned out that this smooth-talking scam agency had done virtually nothing and was simply fabricating reports. They hadn't even properly instrumented the site with tracking code or set up Google Search Console. Gotham terminated the scam agency and hired PressRoom to conduct additional audits and an ongoing campaign.

PressRoom began our engagement with Gotham by providing them with a prioritized list of technical issues. We worked directly with their technical team to provide guidance on the best way to implement the corresponding fixes and ensure there were no technical roadblocks to ranking. Then we conducted in-depth keyword research with a focus on local search, creating a targeted content strategy to improve rankings for their highest-value and revenue-generating keywords. We analyzed Gotham's competitor sites to identify new opportunities for customer acquisition, and helped them optimize their catalog pages to capture search queries for their hottest-selling products.

Thanks to the combination of PressRoom's technical audits, competitive intelligence, and optimized content strategy, Gotham's organic impressions more than tripled in just three months. They saw a corresponding increase in keyword coverage that extended far beyond their initial targeted list, resulting in them ranking for over 1,800 new keywords. Gotham now has the foundation for strong organic search growth, and we look forward to helping them exceed their goals.

Unfortunately, the SEO world is plagued with scammers. While it is true that SEO takes time and continued effort for breakout growth, you should begin to see signs of progress within just a month or two - and if you aren't, you should rightfully be suspicious. At a minimum, ask for hard evidence of the work being done. Any reputable agency will keep you regularly updated with a comprehensive list of their efforts as part of your engagement, without needing to be asked. Hold your SEO agency accountable! If you have any doubts, contact us for a free analysis - we'll investigate and get you back on track.

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