Apollo reaches unicorn status with $1.6B valuation

SEO-friendly sharable URLs and fast site performance contributed to Apollo's product-led growth and $100M fundraise at a valuation of $1.6B.





Project Overview

When Apollo was founded in 2015, they aimed to revolutionize sales prospecting by creating a platform populated with useful information on potential leads. They built early traction in the market and knew that to expand further, their platform had to be highly optimized for search engine performance and a great user experience. With PressRoom's help, they improved their site to utilize SEO-friendly shareable URLs and optimize loading speeds, delighting customers and contributing to their explosive growth.

Project Execution

PressRoom worked with Apollo in 2018, identifying key projects to unlock their next phase of growth. Apollo had a massive database and an information-dense user experience that created immense value for its users. However, the initial implementation of their site was struggling to handle this heavy load, resulting in frustrated customers.

PressRoom conducted in-depth technical audits of Apollo's site, uncovering performance bottlenecks across various aspects of their platform. Apollo's rich experience and depth of content required PressRoom to engineer a fast and powerful site architecture, leveraging multiple layers of caching, and even diving deep into the inner workings of web browser rendering. We crafted a detailed technical strategy and held learning sessions to educate Apollo's engineering team on the proposed changes, then worked together to implement the new architecture. PressRoom's performance improvements were a huge success, speeding up the site by over 40x, enabling Apollo to provide its users with quick access to the data they need.

Additionally, Apollo had another architectural challenge: their platform had a robust mechanism to search and filter their lead database, but there was no way to preserve this state across reloads or to share URLs with coworkers. Despite this search functionality having immense complexity and the team being hesitant to make changes due to the risk of introducing bugs, PressRoom devised a step-by-step strategy to compartmentalize and simplify the architecture. Through a series of careful code refactors we shifted the data flow to leverage SEO-friendly shareable URLs, allowing Apollo to capitalize on organic search opportunities and reach even more potential customers.

The end result was a continually growing customer base and steadily increasing revenue, leading to a $100M fundraise at a valuation of $1.6B. This fundraise comes several years after we helped improve their platform, but it's fair to say that PressRoom's SEO-friendly shareable URLs and performance improvements greatly helped to optimize Apollo's site, allowing them to gain visibility from organic search impressions and keywords, in addition to contributing to successful customer experiences and viral growth.

PressRoom is proud to have been an integral part of Apollo's success story. We look forward to following their continued expansion in the years ahead!

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